Friday, February 26, 2010

Unimpressive Thursday

Well, as you all might know, New York is covered in white, but the heart of the poker underground was still thumping, thus another edition of Poker Thursdays at ScottyCards!

Admittedly, I had an odd feeling that I was going to leave down. As I walked in, Tony(a solid player) was walking out, having busted quickly on something or other. At the table sat a table that I knew immediately to be aggressive. Raoul, some guy whose name I forget and Tal, all pretty aggro guys who like to mix it up with any two cards were in full form already.

You know how sometimes you just tighten up to the point that you know you aren't playing optimally? Sure, at tables like this you have to take the shots when you have them, and have the aggressives play into you, but for some reason I was on the biggest cooler I've ever had at any table in decent memory. In 6 hours of play I didn't see a higher pair than 7's, saw AK once, and everything else was just crap.

Naturally, this is going to make you restless.

So, I donked off some chips fairly early and when I did finally get back to my starting stack, I let some chips go on that aforementioned AK by whiffing the flop and let aggro guy bet me off a Jc-7c-2s board. He had just recently shoved a multiway all -in with 83os and thought I might have still been good, but I relented.
Seriously though, I HATE it when I play like this. A cooler is a cooler, but add the passive pill I took, and you're not having any fun.

So, I leave the evening about $85 down after I shove all-in with a set of 5's, with flush and straight draws on the board. No one hits either, and I figure that's enough for the evening. I then spend what seemed like an hour in the freezing cold and heavy snow waiting for a cab, which only topped off a somber night at the tables.

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