Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thoughts on PokerGo

I ponied up the $10/month to watch the WSOP coverage (formerly free on the WSOP.com site, but, whatever) and didn't really plan on commenting, but I found myself laughing about this review .

Go give it a read.  Now, I don't know who Lorin Velle is, nor do I particularly care, but the guy (or girl, Lorin is one of those names) obviously is having problems at home or is emasculated at work because  the review, while accurate in some respects, is way over the top.

Yes, the site lacks some oomph in some respects, and minus the WSOP coverage, it will probably not quite work itself up to the price point of $10/month. But, if you're like me and like watching the WSOP, it's worth $10.  I probably won't keep it after the WSOP unless something earth-shaking occurs in the way of more content, but it serves its purpose.

What I found downright offensive was his mention about the Senior event. He )I'll keep calling him he because...well, I just am) seems to focus on this countdown like a liberal on a Russian leak, calling it a 'death clock' and dreading the day when he'd be the age to qualify (so he's young - a bit of justification for his rancorous and entitled tone) for the event.   The countdown is there because you can't possibly predict when a tournament will break to a final table, but the author obviously doesnt take too much time before typing to think things through (a recurring trait in this article).

My biggest problem is that he's complaining about something but not offering any alternatives or solutions of his own.  I doubt he has a clue about how difficult it is to get a network of ANY kind going.  But he does fashion himself to be a journalist.

Not one I'll be reading anytime soon.