Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vegas is a no-go.

I hate to say it, but I'll miss my first WSOP trip in 4 years. this year. the car accident deductible, plus a wedding I have to go to NYC for at the end of the month, makes it completely irresponsible to put $ at risk at this point. For now the weekly Normandie tournament and every cash opportunity I can reasonably take will have to do. :(

Thursday, June 4, 2015

TENTATIVELY on the way to Vegas June 26-29

...I say this because after an emergency room visit that ended up being just dehydration and then a car accident where I had to pay a 2K deductible two weeks later, money has been a bit scarce. Still, I am going to endeavor to make it. I've had some good runs on Bovada and America's Cardroom and I'm feeling good about my game. Two weeks ago I stone bubbled a satellite event for the ME out here in LA. That stung - just the opportunity to play in the 10K ME has evaded me twice now )getting close in another sat in 2011 online), but I'm going to keep trying to take a stab or two every year. I'm not sure how I will proceed in terms of scheduling should I go. I usually play a daily deepstack at the Rio, along with a Phamous event and something at Binion's or the Nugget (as I usually stay at the Downtown Grand - hands down the best hotel for the money in town). I will play a good dose of cash Day 1, and my fortunes there will largely determine how high my buyins go. I may head out to play sometime this month to see if I can't build up some more $$ to take with me. Admittedly I have no been playing a lot of cash recently, so I need to sit down and put some hours in to get comfortable. Good luck to all making the trip!