Wednesday, November 25, 2015

$50 bucks in rides, and I get $20

Help fund my next tournament.  If you're in an area that has Lyft, download the app using my link.  You get $50 in ride credit and I get $20 when you take your ride!  That easy.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Back to the Normandie

A little extra cash this month, so back I went to the Normandie for their weekly $30 tournament, which this week reached a total prize pool of $3,600. Not bad for 30 bucks!

I finished 37th out of 127 and it paid 12.  I call this an achievement because the best hand I saw all day was pocket 9's.  I cant remember a day of more card deadness.  Beyond some suited connectors and a couple suited aces, nothing.  So In reality there were very few spots where i got involved.

I'd have to say my table (table 2, so i never moved) was more active than previous tables here, lots of raising and wacky bet sizing. But, at 100/200 I call a 450 raise with 5 people in with Qs8s in the bb.  Flop comes 8 high and i check, two bets and i call. Turn brings another low with some straight draws and a second diamond, i figure i'm ahead but play a small pot, check call.  The turn completes the diamond and i decide to make a stab at it and (whoops) two callers. One tables an a10 whiff, and the other hand holds and im up to 10k.

One bad play, i take a6 all the way to the river and am outkicked by a10...but as i said, it was one of my better hands!

Q5 in the bb and Im at about 15bb at 200/400.  Queen comes, i shove, all fold.

Then my lucky hand, the pocket nines.
At 500/1000/25 im at 6000 i shove it, get called by qj.  The flop, 8qj. The turn is a beautiful 10 for the straight and i double up.  The guy, who was new to the table, took it well.

And then, more and more deadness.  Not even a face card.  With my stack dwinding down at 600/1200/100 i take Jd7d for the shove against kq and although two diamonds came, i didnt hit the third and was out.

Of course, j7 was not the right hand to shove, but it was the first face card i had seen in an hour and i was at 5bb or so.  To say i was thrilled with my play would be a gross overstatement, but i did what i could with what little opportunity i had.