Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fantasy Football, Phones and Wagers

Well, it's that time of year again.

This year I will be in three leagues - the stalwart Broadway Fantasy Football League(the BFFL, in it's 16th year) where yours truly is the commish, MattyEbs' Yahoo League, and the Mmm Mmm Good League, run by some other theatre folk. Actually, Mmm Mmm is interesting in that they don't use a kicker and instead allow an additional flex. I didnt draft particularly well in that league, but I am interested in participating.

I also got an HTC Evo 4G last week. The 4G capability is still not in New York, but otherwise my review of the phone is mixed, most likely due to my own phone proclivities. First off, the touch keyboard. As a longtime Treo/Pre user I've never had one, and a week into owning I feel like I have made no real progress in cutting down on mistakes. Also, there is no combined mail inbox. I keep three email accounts and I like to see them all at once...right now I have to go to them one by one. I could become accustomed to this but right now I am a bit frustrated by it. That said, there are some plusses - great camera and video, seamless access to my work remote desktop, app catalog that dwarfs the Palm offerings, and the promise of eventual 4G speed, but I am left suddenly empty, unfulfilled by the purchase today. I hope it will change, as it has set me back $200.

Also, I am in a bit more of a gambling mood than usual, so that means I am going to wager on some football this year on Bodog. Two years ago I made bets every week and ended up in the black, so I'm going to go at it again.

Not much happening in poker, as I have had to cut down on volume this past week, but I will be back to grinding soon!