Monday, February 8, 2010

1st in FT 45SnG! We made up. Plus a strat ?.

It's true, after a huge downswing with these suckers, I broke up with the 45 Super Turbos. We weren't communicating...I needed my space. But just like a comfortable shoe, my cold lonely nights alone, bubbling PLO tournaments, I needed your warm embrace again.

Not to mention, the bankroll was, well, suffering($123) and I needed a boost. Soooo. First try, a 3-way chop for $36 bucks, then tonight, a two-way chop for $53!! Oh, yeah, then busts in a couple of tournaments, and I've settled back around $190. Down $10 after a little over two weeks of steps.

A little strategy question for my readers. How do you folks play Arag suited in middle position? what if you get popped by the hijack or the button when you limp? Is calling a -EV play? What about in a tournament? Sure, I know relative stack size is an important issue here but I've been reading up on this and people have a lot of varying opinions.

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  1. I don't love Ace-rag suited for a raise, especially online, when you are likely facing a better Ace. At least live, most AT or A9 fold, but online, you never know and your A7 or A4 can be very vulnerable unless you hit your flush.