Friday, February 5, 2010

Forgot to add...

I forgot to add another interesting hand that occurred with Taal(sp?) not long after he cracked my Queens with AK. The hand isn't as interesting as the post script.

So, I am yet again dealt QQ. I yo 11, and get two callers, including Taal. Flop comes X-K-J. Taal bets out some small amount, I call. Queen comes on the turn. He checks, I check behind. River is a blank, I throw out 25, and he raises me 50 more. I tank, thinking he must have A-10, but I had just gotten my Queens crushed earlier...he can't crush a set twice. Now, he is in the 9 seat, on the other side of the dealer...I am fiddling with my chips, and as I am saying, "Well, either you've got me beat, or..." he flips over A10! I was truly about to call, as Taal says"I heard chips and I thought he bet!" Your thought saved me 50 bucks!

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