Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A big Mookie cash fo' me

I'm currently re-doing my whole computer setup...I had this pirated copy of XP that would sometimes blurt out odd error messages in Cyrillic, and it was starting to blue screen me every day, so I said enough. I wiped that partition of the Macbook, went out to Best Buy and installed Windows 7 on the other half of the hard drive. HOWEVER, I was experiencing some snafus in the install, so when Mookie time came around at 10pm, I had to play on my little netbook, without PT3 or anything. Just as well.....2nd place!

Usual cast of characters, and I think I doubled up very early with KK which put me into the 6-7K range, where I remained for most of the tournament. I don't have PT3 to help me out with eventful hands here, but basically it came down to me and Numbono in an epic heads-up match for first. I was outchipped 37K to 9K to start, and got it up to 17 against him with a full house on the turn, but about 20 hands later I took a shot on a flopped flush draw that didn't come. Still $40 ain't bad.

Still, happy with my result. Solid, disciplined poker that I should be doing more of. I almost hate to say it, but a certain training site I dropped some cash on is actually helping my game. We'll see how that factors in long-term. On to Poker Thursdays!

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