Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Again, can you believe?

Again, DE-NIED the big cash.

I've literally cashed in an Omaha tournament on PS like, every night this week. I'm playing well, I'm just catching bad luck in the endgame. The good thing is while I play deep into these Omaha tournaments, I'm running two tables at .02/.05 and have a run of about 7 sessions in the black, putting my bankroll on PS to about $115 from a starting place of $50. I like multitasking this way and simply playing cash until I bust out(or, of course, WIN) of the accompanying tournament I choose, and just call that a 'session.'

What's alarming to me is just how much soft play exists in the Omaha arena on PS. It makes me ponder a run into some cash PLO. but I think that my PLO play, while appropriate for tournaments, isn't ideally suited for cash play. Granted, I'm sure a tight aggressive approach looking for scoops in Hi/Lo would be profitable, but quite frankly my NLHE stats at low stkes are too good to ignore right now. When I get to $200 I'll start two-tabling .05/.10, and if I keep my recent tear that's only 8-10 sessions away. Slow and steady wins the race!

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  1. Hit up the PLO8 SNGs (1 and 2 table). They are pretty soft, and the 2 table $16 PLO8 SNG pays over $80 for 2nd and over $100 for first.