Monday, February 1, 2010

10 bucks on PokerStars multiplies....

So I wander over to PokerStars...I know I'm really wanting to qualify for the Mohegan NAPT, but the Venetian NAPT would be equally sweet, so while I am hunting over there, I dont see any good qualifiers with 10 bucks in my account, but I DO see a Mixed PLHE/PLO tourney for 2.20 that isn't completely over donked like most PokerStars tournaments are, so I sign up. I love all the tournaments and promotions on PS, but their tourneys always have like 80 million people, and my time is valuable!!

Anyway, it turns out that this mixed PLHE/PLO format fit my game completely. What you find in these tournaments is that everyone plays PLHE moderately tight, then everyone falls to shit in PLO...calling with everything, spewing chips to catch draws....and of the 187 runners, I played solid and aggressively tight and found myself in the money, although 12th as we dropped past the bubble of 18.

Now the PLO levels radically switched...raising all over the place with the big stacks. But they were raising with zilch! I took two big pots with a pair of aces by calling their raise and shoving an unmatched board. On to the final table we go...

I'm about 7th of 9 left. Two drop quickly. In PLHE I catch a set and knock out 2, and suddenly I'm chip leader! I then go into bully mode, raising any two cards in position, raising any decently coordinated Omaha hand...and things shattered for the rest of them pretty quickly. #1 out of 187, bitches! I am STILL trying to figure out this Windows on Mac screen shot thing so I can prove this stuff, but it was only a $54 dollar win anyway. A win nonetheless!!!! Over at FT I am at around $190 but I look forward to stroking my newly found $60 PS stack as well.

I'm debating a $100 tourney at Stephanie's, one of those 'middle' places I talked about the other day. I'll keep you posted.


  1. What a weird coincidence. My recent $1200+ score is from winning the $27.50 version of the same PLH/PLO tournament, about a week ago. Go us!

  2. I had not played on Stars for quite some time until WBCOOP. I am thinking that I might give it another shot.

    Best of luck!