Sunday, February 21, 2010

Somewhat at sea

A depressing night in the poker world for me. In the irrepressible spirit of taking shots, I tried to satellite into the FTOPS ME(for 2500 points) and the super-duper overhyped F40 Sunday Million(for $10) and LITERALLY bubbled both. Not THE bubble, but about 10 out of the goal in FT, and 5 out in Stars.

I didn't lose a lot of money, so why depressed? Well, in all honesty business has been slow(for those who are unaware, I am an actor and director, and do real estate in between gigs), the weather in NYC stinks, I have a bit of a stomach ailment and to top it all off, my two shots to achieve glory fizzled like Face The Ace. I also was reading Jennifer's blog and thinking to myself, gee, how cool would that be, writing for poker? I was supposed to be a Creative Writing major at Duke, but a summer camp at Carnegie-Mellon somehow convinced me I could make a living as an actor, which I did, for a good long time, until recently, when I see Tony Award winners looking for jobs - it's a bleak scene. It's made me ponder a change of coasts, namely LA - but that costs money to do, money that I can't afford to splurge on such a risk. So, taking shots becomes more then just building my bankroll...yes, it's about luckboxing myself into major money at the FTOPS ME or the $4M Sunday Million. Ridiculous, I know.

However, in looking at my play since January, there are bright spots...I felt like I reached a different level in my cash play, started this blog, took my goals in poker more seriously and actually THINK I could go far in the aforementioned events if my bankroll warranted it.

But alas, it doesn't.

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