Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breaking the barrier, and LOST goes biblical

I've been running pretty well the past couple of days, with cashes in some fairly deep fields...my endgame needs some work, though. I haven't quite been able to close the deal and get into the higher echelon of $$$. This is the marrow of one's bankroll building. Cash on Stars has kept an upward slant as well, as I'm showing about $45 in profit at .02/.05 over about 1800 hands. Since I take notes, I've starting to notice some familiar faces, some of whom I am happy to see, some not. My new era of blogging my progress has opened my eyes to how much a little bit of note-taking can accomplish.

The weather continues to be a big downer here in the Apple. Just when you get a nice day, the precipitation comes sure as, well, rain. I'm finding it is lowering my productivity in all facets of life, since I sort of have to go outside to get things accomplished. I'm up early today, though. Today is a new day, today is...(repeat). Plus, LOST is tonight.

LOST. I've enjoyed reading certain folks' theories about what may transpire...but it's becoming ever-increasingly clear that we're going biblical. As I'm no proponent of organized religion, I'm not thrilled to see my favorite show wallow into Christian archetypes, but its getting pretty clear. Jacob likes to put his fingers in many pots in both our show and the Bible - notice how he's shown up and softly steered each character at some point. That's sort of how Jacob is in the Bible. And, what ho! Jacob had a brother, Esau. These guys fought like cats and dogs in ye olde times. See what I'm getting at?

First sex, than politics, now LOST. The Evangelicals ruin everything.


  1. Nice run! Just make it slow down a little on Mookie night, okay?

  2. Nice run there, but it must be aweful to beat so many runners for $6. I don't mean to give you shit for it; I just know how I'd react.

    As for LOST, even if it goes Biblical, I'm sure it won't be straight out of the Bible, but more along the lines of these are the guys from which those stories (i.e., the Bible) were inspired, but the Bible stories probably won't be exact. Does that make sense? In other words, they may use some broad themes or concepts or names from the Bible, but I doubt that our characters are literally those Bible characters.

  3. Lightning, I will try my best.

    J, I agree, it does blow, but I am trying to stay faithful to my bankroll, so I'm not entering anything that goes above 5% of it - and since I havent gone broke, I guess it is working. I'm confident a big boost will happen soon, plus I really don't mind.

    As for LOST, I am just seeing way too many disappointing parallels, and I also hate that these Google ads are now making it look like I am shilling Christianity or 'Learning Biblical Hebrew.' But hey, I've made 4 whole cents.