Thursday, February 4, 2010

Running good on Thursday!

Off into the chilly streets of Manhattan for yet another installment of Poker Thursdays!

I had contemplated a $65 tourney going on at Stephanie's, a place I've been to a couple times, but instead elected to go to my normal spot, currently ScottyCards on 36th. Some of the usual crew was already in full swing 7-handed when I took my seat. Looking at the stacks, I elected to just buy in for $200. I was in the 1 seat, which is new for me there...typically I am one of the first to arrive and usually place myself in 5 or 6. As it turns out, I may be sitting there more often!

For the first half hour things were mostly uneventful...a couple of ho-hum chip up hands occurred and I think I might have been somewhere around $225 when I am dealt KK UTG +1. Knowing the table like I do, a typical raise to 7 usually always gets a lot of calls, so I push it to 11. 4 callers! The flop comes K-X-J, with a heart draw, nothing to a straight. In the hand are some people that I know will fold out with any bet, but Sean is in the hand, and he is usually game for some action, so I fake C-Bet the same amount, 12. Everyone folds but Sean, who calls. The turn is another jack, and I've got the boat! I check, Sean raises to something like 20, and I call. The river fills out a flush draw, and I check, almost sure that Sean will bet it out, which he does...25, I raise him 50 more. He stews about it, calling out all the hands that can beat him, and he calls my 50, flipping over a Jack. When I turn over KK, it was as if no one saw it coming...lots of 'nice hand' and what not, but also some discussion as to whether slow-playing my set might have put me in a lot of trouble. Has anyone ever heard of extracting value? I felt like I knew my opponent's range, and played accordingly. This exchange hopped me up to somewhere around the $500 range. I caught a set somewhere else along the way, and bluffed a couple of ace boards, and I was inching close to $600 when this hand came up.

Taal(sp) is a guy I've played with at Scotty's a few times. Kind of a LAG, but totally passive on the turn and river. I've bet into him with lots of marginal hands only to see him fold a lot. I think he knows it too, as he's always wanting to mix it up with me, raise when I'm in the BB, etc. I welcome this kind of action, because eventually, I'll get him, and I've stacked him off at least twice in recent memory. So, his initial $150 is gone, and here he has already reloaded once, maybe twice. With $81 left, he shoves all-in ahead of me. I lookdown to see QQ. Now, I'm somewhere around $580 and this isn't much of a dent for me, so I call. He shows AK, so we have a race. Flop, nothing, turn nothing, river - an ace. He is obviously pleased with his play, and out of the corner of my eye in the following hand I can see him looking over at me, seeing how I am reacting - which of course, I am not. I just shrug it off as the ace hits the board, and when he doesnt get the reaction he wants, he eventually stops looking. Two hands later, I cap off a successful evening...

I'm dealt 5d7d . Scotty bets out 6 and gets several callers, including me. The flop comes 468 rainbow. Doink! Scotty, acting first, pushes out 30, with something like 80 behind. Scotty must have an overpair, I am thinking...but he's got a shallow stack. So I only raise him for 20 more, thinking that'll be enough to bring him along, but he shoves his whole stack in! I gladly call, and Scotty shows 10s, and is a little dumbstruck at the 57 I show him. The board pairs, but another 10 does not fall, and I am back up to around $600 again.

Shortly after, I announce a 1am departure at midnight, and 3 others echo the same. I limp a lot of pots, win some, lose some, and cash out at $570, for a $370 profit for the night, which I think is somewhere around my 2nd best showing at Scotty's/Matt's/Wall Street.

All in all, a satisfying evening of poker! Yay me.


  1. Nice run. Feels good to flop the joint, doesn't it?

  2. You played that KK hand excellently. If people think you slowplayed, let them think it. Silly gooses!