Friday, April 30, 2010

Short, painful Thursday@ScottyCards

Scotty's place is turning into more of a 5/10 free-for-all than a 1/2 game. The action is ridiculous. At least on Thursdays. So, that kind of table usually turns me into a bit of a nit, admittedly. Essentially you just have to TAG your ass off until you grind out a profit. Facing PFR's of 20 every hand plus a run of marginal cards don't give you a lot of spots. A full house on the turn was the ONLY hand I won all night, and my night ended with a tussle with these crazy raisers.

AA in MP. Before me, a guy who has bet $50 more times than I can count, goes for $15 and Tal calls. I pop it to $45. Guy to my left calls! Crazy guy shoves in the rest for $97 more. I call with everything I have (at that point $93) and guy to the left calls with plenty behind. Crazy guy tables 77! Guy to my left AhJh!

Of course, a 7 comes up on the flop, AJ almost hits his flush, and my aces are cracked.
I'm a one buy-in kind of guy...I know variance is a bitch, but when I've lost my money at NYC home games, I go home. $200 is already way above my bankroll anyway, but once a week, you go where you have options to play live.

So, a question out there to you poker folks. I know it has been written about time and time again, but how do you deal with a crazy table? I think I'm handling it the way I should, just hit a bit of bad luck last night.

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