Friday, April 16, 2010

BBT5 Invitational Invite?

Well, crap - I haven't gotten one. I play in the Mookie, I do my part. Why hasn't an invite dropped on my doorstep?

I sort of feel like this doesn't give everyone an equal shot. Of course, I am the one without an invite at this point, so rightfully so I should be the one sporting that opinion at the moment, but while I am happy there is a BBT5, I don't think the current structure is really equitable if other folks get 6 more shots. Now, of course, if I get invited, screw the rest of you who don't get one. :)


  1. DING DING DING! We have a winnah! You are the first person to complain about the BBT5!

    Congratulations! You'll have lots of company.

    All that said, to be fair, no one said the BBT5 was designed to give everyone an equal shot. It is designed to promote Full Tilt (at least on their end), so it makes sense to entice a certain group of players if FT thinks it will give the BBT5 or FT extra exposure.

  2. I didn't get one either, if that makes you feel any better :-).

  3. Jordan, buddy! For a guy with a law degree you make an unconvincing argument. It makes SENSE to entice a certain group of players? It makes NO sense to exclude bloggers who aren't invited.

    And I'm not necessarily complaining anyway...I'm happy Al is putting it back together, but I would at least like some criteria for how you get invited. If you've had a blog for over a year? If you've downed more than one shot of SoCo with Al on a tuesday? Give me some criteria, and I'll shut up.