Monday, April 19, 2010

An invite, but maybe a down side...

Well, it seems my pleading for an invite garnered some fruit, as alcanthang wrote me today and says I got an invitation! I don't know exactly what brought that to fruition, but there may be a sad ending. Full Tilt may qualify me as edgie212, but I am not edgie212 anymore...I am edgie917. Hopefully this will cause no hiccups, but it might....and I stand by my position about changing my name.

Now before you all accuse me of multi-accounting, I'm not. I took all my money out of edgie212 and have no plans of playing under that name. If I could delete the account, I would, but there seems to be no option to do that. I am just a tad superstitious, and I felt like the name was giving me bad luck, so I changed the number.


  1. Why not just play the tournaments under 212? The other option is to tell FT, but I doubt they'd be happy about the multi-accounting, even if it was not done for nefarious purposes.

  2. Actually spoke with Al and he says it isn't a problem.