Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ass in gear.

BBT5 Invitational tonight...looking forward, but on to some non-poker content.

2010 for me, by and large, has been a bit of a 'treading water' sort of year so far. Many of you out there in the blogger world know little about me, or what I do, or did, so at least for some of you this might prove to be entertaining reading. For me, it's more about putting a list out there with some simple goals to achieve.

From a very young age, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. However far-fetched it might have seemed, I dreamed of moving to New York City and being in a Broadway show. Or, less specifically, being an actor. I followed that goal step-by-step, doing the high school plays, going to one of the best theatre colleges, and plopping my ass in Hell's Kitchen. On what was supposed to be my first day of training at the ultimate cliche(waiting tables), I booked my first Broadway show - and for the next ten years, I did show after show in NY and all over the country, guest starred on TV shows, name it. I was making my living as a professional actor.

Then something happened - my dad passed away, and though I have a hard time admitting it, a gear shifted in my head. Sure, I had achieved every goal I had set for myself...but was I really enjoying it? Did it seem important anymore? Was pretending to be someone else for a job actually fulfilling me, or was it moving me away from who I am, or better yet, who I want to be?

And with that, more things happened...I distanced myself from friends in the business...I started working less...I left my agent...and started leaning more on what had, over time, become my survival job, real estate. And that's isn't my ultimate goal in life, but fine.

Which leads me to where I am...what IS that goal? Is it anything I can put my finger on? What would that goal be, and how would I achieve it?

So I've decided to start simple.

1. Live longer. This means finally getting back to exercising. Granted, I am at my target weight, but I'm not in shape. I LOOK like I am, but I'm not. So, the goal for May is to establish that for myself.

2.Find another agent. Here is where I have REALLY treaded. I could conceivably pick up the phone and find a boutique agent on my resume alone, but since one of my longtime visions has involved finding myself in Los Angeles someday, they need to be bicoastal. While this may seem to be antithetical to the way I feel about 'the biz' right now, it will help me decide if I really want to keep doing it, or change my life altogether.

3. Get up at the same time every day. I am horrible about this. If I have no real timetable for my day, I squander it by sleeping in. For example, I did it today. Not that it is unheard of to do on a Sunday, but for god's sake...let's at least try for 5 days a week.

That's three to start with. I found that in poker, I've really improved by writing about my play...maybe this will help me in non-poker life as well.


  1. What commercials / stuff have you been in? Anything recorded on youtube?

  2. If you google Jeff Edgerton you'll find a lot of the stuff.