Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, that blew!

I bluffed when I shouldn't have, and exited The Rail early. I don't feel SO bad about it though, I only spent $9 on it as I grinded a satellite for a Step 3 ticket. That was at least some feeling of accomplishment.

I think I should do the steps more often. I think you're sort of fooling yourself if you think you can get all the way to the ME with them, but you could certainly get to Step 5 and enter a bigger tournment, even bigger ME Qualifier.

To be honest, I used to really bust my ass to try and qualify for these things and this year I am not feeling the motivation. I qualified for the PCA once, and I found out I couldn't even go because of work. Having the BBT5 is great though...if you end up qualifying you really feel like you've been involved with something along the way. that might be why I haven't felt the urge to qualify in any other capacity.

I'm contemplating doing some coaching again...I fond it really helped my cash game, and I'd like an experience with someone who does MTT's. I've been looking into RainMan and BFizz11. I've listened to them on Mediocre Poker radio and I'm impressed with their results. I've mentioned coaching to some people, and they're like, 'why would you do that?' Well, you never stop learning, Some people walk into a gym and have no idea what they are doing. sure, they might go through some circuit training and ride a bike, but are they really accomplishing something? Now, if you start out with a trainer, you might see some results...and it wouldn't hurt matters if it looked like they were in shape, so they know what they are talking about. A good analogy for my reasoning, I think. Well, onto the Mookie Wednesday!

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