Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wham-bam Rush

Now, I won't lie...Rush Poker, as, Julie Andrews sings in Sound of Music, is NOT one-of-my-fa-vor-ite things, but I've found a strategy that I enjoy.

Leave when you're up.

That many hands per hour, you're definitely going to run into a bad beat, you're seeing an hour's worth of hands in 20 minutes, so , if you're up by 3, 4, 5 bucks....why not leave?

I've been employing this strategy for the past week and have crawled up to about a $75 profit, more than covering my FT tournament deficits. Sure, I think I have a good handle on Rush Strategy and could probably make a lot more, but my bankroll can't handle the likelihood of busting too many times. The advantage of Rush is that you never really feel like you have to put your chips at risk because another hand is right around the bend. I'm not an addictive personality like most of you DG's out there, so I have no problem walking away with a modest profit instead of pounding out 1000+ hands and be 50 bucks up, only to have my aces cracked by a set of 6's, or what have you. I look forward to seeing you all at the Mookie and Dookie tonight!

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  1. I played rush poker once and didn't like it. probably cuz I won a bunch and then I lost it all. Had I read your advice it could've turned out better. It doesn't seem like a game of skill to me though.

    Nice blog - will read prev posts later. Oh BTW bloggers are looking up Edgie RIGHT NOW. You got some free advertising at Very Josie!

    Welcome and thanks for playing.