Saturday, May 22, 2010

BBT5 Ooof! But other fun news

Well, it certainly added insult to injury after seeing Heffmike's BBT5 Rankings tonight. 14 tries, zero cashes. It's really flummoxed me, when you consider I'm playing pretty well in every OTHER tournament I enter...well, not every other, but I'm definitely up for the year tournament-wise. I guess I have only three more chances left, but one of them is during the LOST finale, and the other one, I think I almost certainly can't attend. So, this makes for a grand shitshow I've made of the BBT5.

In other news, I have been doing a bit of study with a coach I'd rather not name, as I don't want to quite promote what's been a nice result so far...but the emphasis of his tournament play hinges on, the volume they want me to have is impossible as I have a life, but I am doing the best I can, and so far after 10 days trying this particular method, I am posting positive ROI, so I can't complain.

I'm feeling a bit of WSOP envy as well...part of me wants to go and experience it for a few days, but the wallet isn't quite permitting it. I guess I will have to wait for the winter gathering to make my next trip. I will try to live vicariously with a couple of MSOP tourneys and Jordan's Fantasy League - which I think I tanked a bit. I was trying to decide between Michael Binger and Chad Brown and went with Brown, and then fooled myself out of Binger for my last pick when I started looking at Scott Clements' stats. If Binger wins 5 bracelets I'll be pissed.

ANYway, it's late here and I'm tired, but oh-so-ready to be disappointed at 11pm tomorrow when Cuse, Lindelof and Abrams drop the ball.

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  1. Pfft, short term variance. Anyone can pull an 0-fer in this small of a series. It hasn't played much like the last two.