Sunday, May 30, 2010

BBT5 Goose-egg, but good progress otherwise

Well, I have to say I am pretty embarrassed with my BBT5 showing. I think I went, what, 0-15 for the run? Not even a single cash. In reviewing my HH's, I made some unreasonable shoves in spots where I shouldn't have. All in all, here's how the 15 busts shaped up.

2 Bad Beats (set over set, boat over boat)
4 short stack shoves
and honestly, 9 bad plays. That equals nine mistakes. Big leaks. Lack of discipline, call it what you will. I have to own it, I guess.

In other news, my sojourn into coaching has been going well. Without going into too much detail(because hey, if you want to get coaching, you can pay for it yourself), it basically involves a large amount of volume in SNG's and MTT's. Now, because I started with only $200 in FT, I've been restricted to $1-$3 buy-ins, but over roughly 200 tournaments, I've made a $70 profit using the methods I've learned so far this month. for about 24% ROI. Right now I am only multi-tabling 6 at a time(as I only have one monitor) but for June I will be adding another monitor, and will begin grinding up to 10.I find that by grinding 45 and 90 man SNG's I'm getting a good amount of volume in a short amount of time, averaging about 15 per session in a 3 hr span. I hope to double that in June. The people I have been working with show great results when they put in the volume, as basically, it is a huge variance reducer. Unlike them, I have another job so I cant crank out 100 games a day like they do, but my goal for June is to play 500 SNG's with a couple of MTT's peppered in there.

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