Sunday, January 24, 2010

Evening 1, $198.72

High points: 2nd place in a 2.25 SNG, running in the top 3 for MOST of a 2.25 180 person SNG.

Low points: 4betting a min raise with QQ, Villain calls with 58o. Flop comes 58J, he checks, I fire 3000. He reraises to 7600. I smell a set but I have about 8K more than him so I foolishly put him all-in. His two pair holds up.

So, I'm in 2nd place here and I get two queens. Here's a big hole in my post-flop play. Even though his bet SCREAMS a set, I also ignore a possibility of two pair, despite the fact that HIS choice to call my raise with 58off was idiotic. J8 might be there, but who would call with that? Even 55 or 88 are less likely than JJ here, and true, I should have played it assuming JJ or 88. We're running about 22 left, 4 out of the money, but I'm not playing to cash, I'm playing to win. Moral of the story: If you smell trouble, it's probably trouble. I end up netting 2 bucks or so and bust out 15th.

I'm interested in opinions about which tournaments people advocate on FT for bankroll building...I've played the 3.30 Turbo Kos but my luck has been bad there. I also hear a lot about the 45max Super Turbos, but it feels like a ahovefest to me. Yes, I've cashed them, but you've got to double up twice. I just think my EV isn't good there. I'm always open to suggestions!

I also hit a few hands in Rush to get me to the final total of the night. Conclusion? Rush Poker, while enjoyable, is like Sunny Delight(or maybe TANG?), and a regular ring game is fresh squeezed orange juice. You get a feel for the table, reading your opponents...ah, fresh squeezed goodness.

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