Monday, January 25, 2010

$226.93 and itching for the Borgata...

Couple of bucks in .10NL while I look at the Winter Poker Open schedule.

Now, for two previous years I have satellited into the main event...quite comfortably, in fact. My record in the Main Event has been less than stellar, however, busting out in Day 2 both years. Last year, I folded KK to Lacey Jones' KK and lost a sizable pot, and then shoved a shortstacked QQ into AA right after dinner on Day 2. I am jonesing to go down but right now that $400 satellite doesn't QUITE fit into my current financial picture. I hate that I am probably going to have to pass, but playing with scared money is NO WAY TO PLAY. I echo Jordan's sentiment earlier in the is just ONE tournament. There will be others.

Someone I know asked me what my goal is, i.e., a specific dollar amount for said FT Bankroll. Well, I'd like it to be as much as possible, but I'd like to see, maybe $500 by April, and then $1000 by the summer. I don't have enough time to REALLY grind here. I have a job, a girlfriend, other things taking up my time. I'd like to be in a situation where I can walk into a 1/2 table online and not play beyond m means...of course, that means a $4000 bankroll by my rules. I also want to replicate this on Stars, but since the qualifiers for the WSOP and the NAPT are so juicy there, I may only be depositing amounts solely for those purposes.

I'm excited about my PLO work today...and I find it's enhancing my reads in NLHE. PLO is so complex, going back to .10NL feels like a walk in the park!

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