Monday, January 25, 2010

$206.33 - Up late with PLO

Still up here Eastern Time, concluding a viewing of HSP on GSN and tinkering with PLO at the lowest of the low, .01/,02!

Don't hate, I'm still on a learning curve. With Super System 2 and one horrible live session under my belt, I'm tearing up the low stakes. I doubled up there in about 10 minutes, and unless I forgot to mention, my cash game rule mirrors Jesus' opinion about bankroll mgmt...double up and walk away...and so I did. So many of my poker pals (Jordan, MattyEbs) love playing PLO, it just makes me want to get better.

I know I've made about 5 posts in less than a day, but I feel more connected to my quest now. I now know why the blogging community is so vibrant, and why I enjoy reading all of you crazy folk. I expect I'll soon be bitching about getting stacked soon enough but for now....the power, the POWER!

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