Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Downswing, around $240

Hand converter-Pokerhand.org

Hands like this plagued my recent .10NL session....

Full Tilt Poker, $0.05/0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash Games, 9 Players

resplandor (UTG): $15.30
scarfroto (UTG+1): $4.55
edgie212 (CO): $4.54
empty-alias (Button): $6.83
v8power (SB): $5.90
hamster644 (BB): $9.37
Crossfighter (MP1): $10
wayow (MP2): $18.43
Theeal74 (MP4): $4.04
Dealt to: edgie212
(2 folds), Theeal74 raises to $.40, (2 folds), edgie212 calls $.40, (3 folds),
Flop:($.95) (2 Players)
Theeal74 bets $.60, edgie212 raises to $1.80, Theeal74 calls $1.20,
Turn: ($4.55) (2 Players)
Theeal74 bets $1.84 and is all-in, edgie212 calls $1.84,
River: ($8.23) (2 Players)
Theeal74 Showed
edgie212 Showed

Theeal74 wins $7.69

You're in with the best of it, right? Eh. Couple that with 5 straight busts in the much-heralded 45TurboSNGs, you've got me around $240.


  1. Your card pictures aren't showing up

  2. Any chance you can change the site where you get your card pictures - or just use plain text? A lot of us reading this from work can't access pokerhand.org. Personally, I use thehandconverter.com and that works through my work's filter.

  3. Also, you can use HTML codes to draw card suits. Unfortunately, I can't post the codes because they won't render as text in this comment box. Email me and I'll send them to you.