Thursday, May 8, 2014

Las Vegas May 4-6

Hello dear readers!

It has been an interesting a few days here in Sin City. I'm actually working here, which has meant some long hours not a whole lot of opportunity to play poker . When I have been playing I've been generally sluggish and quite tired, and as a result my poker play has been- well, less than stellar.

In fact, even though I have one more evening here, I can say with some confidence that this could be my worst outing ever at the tables here in Vegas . I am roughly $300 down after two long sessions(on at the venetian, the other at PH).

My first session, i dusted off $200 within an hour, with two key plays doing the primary damage.

Im in the 10 seat utg+1 and a fairly aggressive guy in the 6 seat has position.  I open to $7 with 77 and i get three callers.  He flop comes 3A3(not sure of suits, but a 3 flush never came).  To thin the field up a bit I make it $15 and only get 1 call from the 6.  I can't put him on a 3, but a suited aX is definitely in his range. I had seen him set mine and hit twice already, and he was a frequent 3better on the flop and turn with most any pair- the table was nitty and it was working a lot for him.  Im going to assume moving forward this a fold if i see the same. The turn comes another ace.  I decide to take about 5 seconds and do the mental hollywooding of deciding what to raise.  The best way to take this, i think, was to rep the set and keep telling the story. I make it $25 and he calls.  He's not the type to give me rope to hang myself, so im putting him on a pair.    Im fairly confident he would have 3bet 1010-AA pre, so right now im thinking 88 or 99 have me beat, but he could be hanging on with 44-66 as well.The turn comes a 4 and i throw another $25 out , he calls and tables 88.  Right read, wromg action.

The bustout hand was stupid, really.I have KdJd in mp and limp behind 2 other limpers.  The button makes it 7 and i come along as well as the bb.
The flop is xkx with two diamonds. I check, the button makes it 15, bb folds and i call. This fellow had not been very active- i had about $95 behind and he had me well covered. The turn is a blank, and i check.  He puts out 25 again.  I eliminate a flush draw from his range as i doubt hed bet the draw this big.  KQ and AK are possible, but it was getting late and i had to get up early- so i shoved my last 80.  He took no time to call and tabled AK.  Quite ashamed.

Planey Hollywood didnt do much better.  Nobody seemed to be having much fun either. I did go up early with a K7 on the bb that hit the flop hard,  and i felted the kq across the table from me.  That jumped me up to $290, but then gave that amount back on this hand.

Young Ukrainian who had been quite aggressive is the villain. I have AsKd.  I pop it up to 10 and the ukrainian calls. Flop comes K67 with two clubs. He has always led out so i let him dictate the call.  He makes it 20 and i consider 3betting here(and i should have) but instead i call. The turn, no club and a blank.  I try to confuse him a bit and lead out for 28.  After a few seconds, he calls.The river fills out the flush with a 10 and he checks.  I figure im good and bet 30, he calls and tables 89.  Ugh.

I went up and down a bit after that, ad when the table dropped to 6, i left with $105.

My game feels off this week.  My days have been long, and i may not play again this trip.  I may play on my way ouy of town on thursday- ill see how i feel.  This would be my first trip aside from the wsop where i might leave down.

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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. hard to play good poker when tired,they say.suck trying to bluff a calling station too. GL in the future