Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Looks like it is the El Cortez...

Thanks to all who chimed in with recommendations!  While yes, Binion's does do a thing with Four Queens, they do require 4 hrs/ day now, so AllVegas should amend that.  They also don't give it to you in advance, you have to record the play and go, and over 4 days I don;t know that I can sit in Binion's for 20 hours playing poker.  It is a convention week and the fish will be swimmng on the strip - and I want to be there. The Cortez rooms were 20 with a $9 resort fee, so it'll set me back about $130 for all four nights.

I don't plan on hitting any tournaments unless my bankroll really swells up, and if I do, it will either be the Aria daily, or this really cool promotion they have at Planet Hollywood I read about - they have a Micromania table 1/1 blinds and a micromania tournament that is only $10 or something like that, WITH a guarantee.  Pretty much all my bankroll can handle right now, with a lot of it tied up online.  I haven't really mentioned it on the blog, but I am working towards a $4K goal online so I can register into any tournament I want without too much worry about my roll going down. Right now I am hovering around $2K and need a couple more good scores to get there.I haven't hit anything really big in 2 years (see my $9K online win back in the archives) but the little scores always help!

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