Saturday, June 2, 2012

The mystery that is the $40 buy-in

It is true, folks.  Out herein LA they have a MAX $40 buy-in 1/2 NL table.  In fact, not just one, but many.

The pit guys say it is for people with scared money to 'try out' NL.  Well, I like scared money, so for the past couple of days I've frequented a few, and have made a tidy profit.

Not that other people with my mindset haven't figured out how these tables work - but it is oh-so-much-more obvious to spot them.  People are committing their stacks at these tables with top pair, or even second pair - and 20 blinds deep, it isn't difficult to see why.  The flipside is that you have almost no fold equity at these tables, unless there are big stacks with air who will gladly fold.  We're not talking a fortune here, but of the three times I've played there this week, I've left up somewhere around 2 buy-ins every time. In all honesty, a $40 max table is probably more around what I should be playing at, given my bankroll - so I think I'll be hitting them more often.


  1. The second post I've read this hour about the low max ceilings in Cali - congrats on your success!

  2. las angelos is so much heavier rake than Las vegas, i dont see how anyone can beat the rake in it as much as they take upfront. vegas is by far the best place with a low roll unless of course u include laughlin.