Thursday, June 21, 2012

Commerce streak

So, it is now three consecutive $100+ outings at the Commerce the past couple of weeks - so I think it'll be my home base for a while.

In my last post I discussed the $40 tables at Hollywood Park.While those tables are quite exploitable, you aren't really playing much poker that shallow. At 20BB, you're basically playing tight and then pounding your big hand when it comes.You basically have no fold equity with your stack so you are going to end up showing down - and you'll either get lucky, or not.  While 33BB at a Commerce $100 table is not that much better, it seems to be 'the place' where most people think of when they think of poker -to add, there is a lot more casino action here, which attracts a lot more fish.

Tonight I felt like I was in complete control.  Frequency has helped me elevate my level of play live, and I'm usually confident where I am at - and I know who to avoid.  It is fascinating to me how wedded LA people get to top pair.  Seriously.  While there are some sharks in the water, the play is epically bad.  While I could probably profit from longer visits, I leave if I double up. Tonight that took two hours.  Why do this?  Well, I want to build the roll up enough so I can take bigger shots, because the higher you go, the deeper you can play out here.  The $200 table is 3/5, so thats 40BB, and $400 is - wait for it...5/7.  No joke, east coasters. There is  $1500 max 5/5 game that is probably a table I'll investigate when I can put $500 down, but I'm not there yet.