Sunday, May 27, 2012

My first Los Angeles bad beat

Hollywood Park, Thursday, I experience my first day of felted on the West Coast.

Since I have some friends in Santa Monica, Hollywood Park has become the most frequented casino of late - a tournament series is popping up at the Bike next week so I plan on going out there sometime soon (I've yet to play a tournament out here), but anyway, the story.

When an aggro hits a table in LA, they really hit.  When you consider how shallow your buy-in has to be, you either play like a nit and ABC it until you find a good spot (me), so you can play some real poker deep, or you're like the guy I played with.

I had built my $100 buy-in up to $180 or so when this happened. Deep stacked LAG with headphones who had been punishing the table limpers for an hour decided to go to the $300 5/5 table ( I know, I know - more LA blind madness), "didn't want to carry the rest of his chips" becuase he couldn't find a third rack, so he announced he was playing his last hand blind.  He raises blind for 80- something.  I show up with QQ. I, naturally, shove it all-in against any two cards.

The flop:  8 A Q.  Nice!  This should be easy.  Turn: A Brick.  River: K.  He turns over his cards...

"Give me the money!"

Jack Ten.  Truly brutal.

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  1. I've won more hands blind than I'd care to admit, but that was definitely brutal!