Friday, April 15, 2011

My two cents...oh, wait, it's in my confiscated bankroll....

Ok, so what many say was inevitable, happened. America has been kicked out of the party. Now what? Interesting that DC passed an online poker bill today...and guess what umbrella it is under? The DC Lottery. MILLIONS of Americans gamble every day with their Powerballs, Pick 6s, Mega Millions, and the like, and while I am fully aware that the chrges filed have more to do with illegal bank activity than a question of whether or not Americans are gambling, I find it ironic that the lottery business in our country largely goes unregulated - taxed, but not regulated. The South Carolina "Education" Lottery is supposed to help fund, well, education. But do we really get to see the books? Do South Carolinians get to see where all the money they gamble goes to? No. Several states claim that their lotteries go to several worthwhile causes, but is there any concrete evidence that they go there? Not that I have found. My point is this...suppose a lottery version of the UIGEA was passed, but 7-11s and the like still sold tickets, arguing that the rule was unclear. then the Fed, without warning, shuts you down and thousands of Americans hold winning would Americans feel? And this is a game of CHANCE. Pure chance. Granted, we dont need to funnel money illegally to pay for our lottery tickets, but we are essentially depositing money to a 'site', and it is within our rights to do so. Why are lotteries tolerated, but games of skill are not? why does the government, saddled with trillions in debt, not want to regulate something that in essence is a more sensible form of gambling than a quick pick at your local gas station? These are questions that are no easy to answer, as our country is filled with these sorts of oxymoronic situations. As for my blog, well....I currently live nowhere near a casino right now, unless I go back to New York - and right now I am not sure I will. I think Bodog, Carbon, Victory, Cake, a lot of sites have avoided this lawsuit, but is it at all wise to deposit there? It would be great if someone knew the answer.

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