Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NYC dead for live poker, so online I go...

It's true, the days of online poker in NYC seem to be dwindling...lots of games have shit down, and to be honest after hearing about how Scotty's game ended and the terrible story CK told me the other week, I truly doubt I'd even consider going to a live game in the city again unless I was very, very chummy with the clientele (like Dawn's game, for example - and yes Dawn, I know I owe you $20...I'll pay you at your next tournament in real dollars).

So it is online I go....and things are pretty good there...I'm rebuilding a bankroll at FT(currently $450 - I was at 2200 and had to cash out some life expenses) and at Stars($125), and am participating in the Pokercast League over at 2+2. I'm currently 20th out of some 200 folks...the big draw here is that every winner of the 24 events, the top 3 MVP's, and the top 20 at the end of 24 events get a freeroll into a Poker Stars-sponsored NAPT LA freeroll. Not to mention, money prizes for the Top 20 and MVP, along with whatever you cash in each tournament. Although I've had deep runs to help, my best performance, I feel, was a 14th place non-cash in 8-game, out of 92 runners. Considering I am a weak Stud player and am only just starting to learn the nuances of triple and single draw lowball, I was running really really well until I ran into trip aces against my trip kings in a PLO orbit close to the bubble. Not to mention, I really enjoyed some of the games! the variety is really appealing, and it's a shame that this kind of thing isn't spread live more often. Anyway, I am really enjoying the League, and if you are jonesing for some League action, you can still hop on and try your luck at an NAPT ticket, although you might be out of luck in the rankings by now.

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