Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I know the Meister reads this so...

...first off, how do you get that cool 'My blog List' widget that shows the last time everyone posted? I need to get me one of those.

Also, after some thought, I've decided that with this potential broke-ass challenge looming, I am going to mix it about an hour of $5 NL play into my online grind schedule, probably 4-6 tabling. My success so far this evening....

So, though a little rusty, I think I am doing ok with this small sample. Once I get to about 2000 hands or so I might start looking for leaks, but I just wanted the world to know I am trying!

Still a SNG grinder at heart.


  1. 1. Click on the design tab of your blog's setup. If you click "Add widget" the "Blog List" is the widget you desire.

    2. What was the agreement you guys came to?

    3. I wonder what is a "good" win rate for $5NL. 12BB/100 seems like you're CRUSHING it.

  2. 1. Thanks!

    2. I havent heard from him yet.

    3. I know, but it's so LITTLE. In a SNG I could win and get $20. $40, $'s a big grind when you're playing that low. Ah, if only to play .25/.50....