Sunday, March 28, 2010

Exercise in futility? My Mohegan Sun NAPT satellite jaunt.

I tend to like live satellites...I have a great record in them. Two Borgata Poker open Main Event Sats, one $500K Guarantee Borgata sat, one Foxwoods Poker Classic Main Event Sat...overall my rate of entry is around 70%. Maybe it's my acting background that gives the satellite some appeal. A satellite is an audition...the event you go into is a callback.

My percentage went down today.

Saturday approached and well, I'm not Jewish, and had nothing to do, so Bonnie and I decided to go up the 2 hr trek to Mohegan. She would shop and I would enter the NAPT 'Step 1 Satellite.' why Step 1? Well, this $230 satellite earns you a ticket into a $1000 Step 2 and THAT satellite earns you a seat...a new format for me, but no matter. Onward!

Well, we get there, and Mohegan is a shitshow. Packed. I mean, to the gills. We hear there is a show going on at the arena later, but I'm running late so I head to the convention center. More on the event later.

So, I stroll in...nice setup. Nice, open, clean space. A $600 buy-in event is currently going, sit-n-go satellites forming, and us, the Step 1 stragglers. The Step 1 attracts 56 so 11 get a Step 1 ticket. Cool, I thought, no problem. 20 minute blinds, escalating antes...a slight impediment. But still, seems doable.

Well, maybe a slight problem. Despite two full houses(which chipped me up from our original 6,000 to about 11K), I become the victim of my first royal flush...a FLOPPED Royal Flush, against my three Aces. I had this guy covered, but he played it masterfully, and I walked right into it. This crippled me with about 28 left, and when we got to 300-600-75, I had only 3800 left and had to shove with my first sensible hand, a2s sooted UTG. I would've been even more crippled a hand later, so I figured, let's see what happens. 1 caller at UTG+1, he flips over AQos. Two spades on the flop - hope! But I don't make it and I'm gone.

I meet Bonnie and we head to Bar Americain,t he Bobby Flay joint. Unimpressive lamb chops but we NOW learn that none other than Bon Jovi is playing tonight! No wonder it was crowded(and no wonder the quality of some of the attendees)! Bonnie was very sad that she would yet again miss another major concert(she got shafted out of Aerosmith some months back) and this true BJ fan would have to miss this too. A quick drive back...and that's the story!

I felt I played just about as well as I did at Foxwoods last week. In all truth, I played the three aces badly. With three diamonds on the board I shouldn't have played them so was a bad play. I could have waited for a better shot...I didn't. Of course, I hate analyzing this, but it's the only way you get better.

But I have not given up hope on the NAPT...I am on Step 3 of the PokerStars step sats. Can I finish in the top 2 for three more sit-n gos! YES WE CAN.

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