Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Mookie, good Ferguson

Well, I final tabled the Mookie but again it was not to be.

However....the evening proved to be interesting. I have been campaigning for the resurrection of the leaderboard and I am now in touch with Ben, and it seems I will be able to help him out.

A good thing I stuck around...BuddyDank and the ragtag band of fugitives still awake as the Mookie closed proposed a 'last shorter' in the $1 Ferguson HORSE, with everyone contributing $5 to the person out first. Now, considering it's all fixed limit, there is some strategy involved. I simply hit the worst possible hands with some other people calling courageously, and I was out in first. This pt me in touch with AlCantHang, who was participating, and since I met him at the Borg once or twice before, it was nice to reconnect with him. I even offered to blog for him somewhere...who knows, maybe my writing background will bear some fruit after all these years.

The mystery of the night...what happened to Jordan? he signed in and blinded out...FYI Jordan, you got a full house while absent that kept you around until you bubbled the final table! So, even're 'that guy.'

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  1. HAHA! I totally forgot that I registered. I played something on FT, but I must've busted before 10pm and then just played on Stars for the rest of the night. LEMON!