Sunday, June 22, 2014

Commerce Freeroll Tournament - A WSOP warmup

It was sure was nice of Commerce Casino - all you basically had to to was login and register in your "My Account" page and poof - you're registered in a 10K guarantee tournament!

So today was the day.  Nothing like a free tournament in a real tournament setting to get your juices flowing before a weeklong WSOP binge.  Michelle came with me, and expecting the freeroll to have a not-so-friendly structure, we set the over/under for starting chips at 4K, and I took the under.  To my surprise, it was 5K!  But only 15 minute levels - and some crazy jumps later in the tournament.

583 runners, 60 getting paid.  Now, to save you the suspense I busted around 85th, 25 short of the money but the most interesting part of the tournament was with exception of my bustout hand, I DID NOT LOSE A SINGLE HAND in the tournament.  That's how bad this structure was.  I did chop hands however.....FIVE OF THEM.  Aq, Kj, and AJ twice.  Also uncharacteristic, and probably was a major detriment to cashing. They were without a doubt the most interesting hands. At the second break I was short, but as short stack hero I brought it back up to 21.5K, but this structure was so bad(900/1800/200 to 1200/2400/500 anyone?) it seems like everyone was feeling the crunch. At 2000/4000/1000 I was at about 5BB and shoved with a4 with one caller, who showed 69os.  Clear until the river, when he spiked a 6 - winning that would have probably gotten me to the money.  Overall I was happy with the way I played, and feel pretty good going into Tuesday.  Here's our tentative plan...

Tues.  Cash/ WSOP $135 Daily Deepstack
Wed. Cash/ PH 6pm $100
Thurs. Cash/ Golden Nugget $125 or possibly Aria
Fri.  we leave, but will stay the day depending on how well we do.

Cash is obviously the major variable, but the best option for chasing losses.

I'll be reporting soon from Vegas!


  1. best option for chasing losses? im sure my blog readers tell me u shouldnt chase losses.

    anyway, i wouldnt played anyway not being in LA, but why not tell us beforehand about the free entry? some of ur readers mightve wanted in

  2. You might want to check with the Rio about the deepstack they have been cancelling the low entry ones and only the $235 entry one has been firing with an regularity.

  3. Are you in Vegas yet? Good luck in the WSOP.