Thursday, June 6, 2013

WSOP, June 5-6

For years and years I dreamed about coming here, and now that I'm here, seeing it all - I wouldn't say it is a let down or anything like that - The Pavilion and Amazon rooms are huge, like you'd expect - the final table sets look just like they do on tv.  You say hi to Jason Mercier in the hallway.  Gavin Smith takes a picture with you.  But in reality, to those of us with small bankrolls, it is almost too much to ingest. The isea of even a $1000 buyin is daunting to me, so us little critters scurry around the big boys, buyin into Daily Deepstacks, satellites and smaller buy-ins off campus at Caesar's, Venetian, etc.   That's not to say I haven't enjoyed that chase (although aside from $75 in bounties, I've busted everything I've played, and only cash games have softened my losses), but I feel somewhat like the bastard child at the Thanksgiving table.  Anyway, a shrt summary -

1. While I decided what to do when I got to the Rio, I sat down and lost $200 on one of the worst bad beats I've ever experienced.  AA v. 88.  I go to 10 with a call.  Flop is x8x, I bet out 35, he calls.  Turn, an A.  He shoves, and I ship it all in.  The river?  You bet.  An 8.  Quads to my full house.

2. I elect to play the $135 WSOP 10pm Daily Deepstack.  I stay about even throught first break, and then a hat trick of hands - aq v a2, jj v 99 and 77 v JQ  --- I lose all of these???and the final one sends me to the rail.  At 3am, no less.

3.  Tired in the am, but manage to get to the Caesars 10K guarantee.  $120 well spent, I think. It was a lot of fun and though I only lasted through half the field of 300, I was having a ball with it.

4  I was, however, bleeding away, and needed some cash to even the ship. Right as rain, I take $150 to a 1/2 table and turn it into $350 in about 40 minutes, mostly with an AQ that made a straight on the turn.

5. I then went to the Wynn, and the lack of runner for this bounty was disappointing.  Only 30 people, 3 paying.  I ran like a god for most of it, but then made a stupid all-in call, really stupid, two pair against what I should have totally seen as a straight.  Out in 9th, but $75 in bounties made it less painful, plus I made a flier bet on the Spurs that put me in the plus territory overall for the day.

Right now I am exhausted and am not sure what my next step is. I still have $460 of WSOP bankroll left out of the $600 I alotted myself.  One certainty, the $75 Turbo Sat at 9am tomorrow.  The other definite, if I have enough, is the $200 Limit O8 tournament on my way out of town on the 8th at Golden Nugget. I'm also seriously contemplating a massage - hey, it is my birthday, after all.

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