Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stupid is as stupid does

Greetings from Harrah's, where I have committed a huge error in judgment.

I planned on playing today's event, got here last night, played some cash(see below) but neglected to remember that my bank card has a maximum withdrawl per day and I didn't come with cash - and therefore could not enter the event today! Woops. There is a 6-max $345 tomorrow, but I've nevr played a 6-max tournament, and while I love playing 6 max cash, 6-max while protecting your stack and quicker orbits...not so much, i.e. I've never even tried to play it. So, aside from an attempt at sattying into the Main Event, I might not play a single woo-sop while I am here. Oh well! I look at it as fate.

Now, to cash. The Harrah's poker room, since it is the site of the woo-sop, was hopping like I had never seen it, with almost every table filled with hoodies and ipods and PLO spreads, it was nuts.

I sit down with $200 at a 1-2 table. Let's just say my day was SWNGY, starting at about 5pm. Once again I failed to be Jordan and didn't take notes, but I ended up being felted twice and caught myself down 400 with 625 total bought in at about 11pm. The pivotal hand that got me back up to even.

Limpy table. Comes around to me in the SB with AKos. I raise it up to 20, four callers, old smug dude, emaciated Hank Azaria and hoodied Lieve Schrieber lookalike. The flop comes A-Q-3, two spades. Decent flop for me, but I check, knowing that I am going to get some kind of action - both of these guys liked to splash. Old guy checks, Liev throws out 25. I make it 50. He calls. Two folds. The turn is another 3, and I check. Liev pushes out 85. I don't think he just calls with AQ, and no way he has a 3 so I feel like I am still good, and I flat call. The river completes the flush, but with a spade 3. Now, if I didn't telegraph that I had an A with the min-raise, this is a great position. I can only hope he thought I was second-best or drawing to the flush, but even with a queen I have some kind of boat....so I was at a loss with what to do here. All I have to fear are quads, AA or QQ and I feel like based on his line, none of the three are possible, and conclude he has been drawing to a flush. Here is the conundrum...do I check and potentially lose value, or do I bet out and possibly induce a fold? Based on the two hours I was with him at the table, if he had the perceived nuts he would always bet the river, so I pretended to miss, and checked. Sure enough he puts me all -in, and I call. He mucks 2s6s. And boom, back up to even.

I drop some chips for an hour and then pack it up, down 15 for the session. You do the math and say, hey, you DO have enough money for the buy-in today! Well, I paid for Bill's Burger Bar with cash. Fail! More to come after today's antics.

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