Friday, December 9, 2011

Best not to talk about...

So, in short, a summary for my trip to AC.

Cash: -$290

Set over set at a 2-5 table took me to this amount on the final night, and I was up $200 before.

WSOP Satellite -$190

Lasted to 14th when my 9's did not hold up against k7 when a straight filled on the turn. 5 got seats.

WSOP Omaha8 event -$345

Totally unimpressive, played horribly, was out in 4 hours.

and the one bright spot...

Borgata $100 +20 15k guarantee +$160

I came in 16th, two after the bubble broke, shoving my short stack with 6's against KK.

My run of luck was bound to end, and considering my November wins, this whole thing was kind of a freeroll anyway...I actually only managed to play two WSOP events due to bad money management (i.e., I don't know my daily debit card limit - fail).

I did meet some wonderful people on my trip, though. But that's for a blog I don't currently write. :)

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