Monday, November 7, 2011

Incredible, #2. Really. Incredible #2.

I know that despite yesterday's events, where I got extremely lucky through 658 runners, that I am a decent tournament player. I'm patient - I pick good spots, get it in good, and have a pretty good record of cashing in things, live and online. Black Friday has sort of numbed me, though, as it has many people, almost out of poker entirely - without a doubt this new cash infusion will have me playing more live, but - I don't know, I've got this online too. So tonight, I decided to just hop into a $10 tournament, and this happened -

I know, right? Crazy. I hop in, and bink! I win it. Sure only 108 runners or something, and lower stakes, but...this time, I was in a zone. I felt calm - cool - collected. I realized, I didn't really care much about this tournament, I had plenty of money to play with. And it relaxed me. It let me play without fear. Despite that, I played my game, but it speaks so much to your mindset when you are playing poker...or for that matter, any sport where you are putting money on the line. Are you going to play $25 a hole when you know you're hooking your 3 wood? No. Not if you only have $100 in your pocket. Of course, a little sliver of my mind is like, so THIS is how pros feel when they get their first big score....

But I know that the downswings are there...I just got the best of it twice in a row. And now I have 10K in my Bodog account.

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  1. Another one! Awesome! Congrats! Have you tried withdrawing? Keep us informed as to what happens with your cashout, as I'd be surprised if you have any problems whatsoever.