Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Vegas, Sept 18-21, Part 2. The Flamingo

As I said in the last post, I expunged the Venetian demon effectively, so I decided I should keep that Mojo going by revisiting the Flamingo, where I've had such wonderful bad beats as AA vs. AA.  Need I say more?

One plus, and something happening more often in Vegas and elsewhere, the neat USB outlets to plug in your devices.  I had no idea when Melissa would be done, so I needed the phone charged, but my aim was, quite simply, to leave up.  Kill the bad Flamingo mojo.

And I did.

First off - the table I sat in might have been the tightest table I have ever sat in, save some friendly home game.  It was so tight that I started raising to $8 with even marginal hands late - fold, fold, fold, fold.  People seemed miffed that I was quickly captainning the table, but no one seemed to want to do anything about it, either.  To add to that, this one dude who I was swear might have had some sort of mental defect kept getting up and leaving, to the point where a lot of the players were asking the floor to remove him. He was immediately to my right and was making some ridiculous bets, so I mostly just stayed out of his way, lest I get sucked out on - of course, I couldn't resist raising him with 27off in the BB and showing him when he folded.

I wish I could say something interesting happened, but I just hit a lot of flops....set of 4's, set of 6's, typical trap, rake in the pot.  Couple that with the tightness of the table, it was all too easy.  I got a call that it was time to go after about 2 hours when I came up with AsJs, I made it $11 and got one caller.  Board comes out all low, two spades.  New guy at the table, with PokerStars/EPT jacket (but still just as tight as everyone else) donk bets the flop for $20, and I call.  Turn is no spade, but a Jack. He checks, and I bet out $25, and he calls!  The river is an Ad and gives me two pair.  PS guy thinks for a fee seconds, and rolls out $50.  While I thought he might have hit a set with ne of those low cards, I read that he really liked that ace.  I had him covered by about $100, so I shoved.  So did he - and he tables AQ.  Cha-ching!

I play nice and fold for a few orbits to make sure no one blames me for a hit and run, and I'm gone, with a profit of $250.  I cast thee out, demon!

All in all, a fun couple of days of poker.  I'll be probably be back right before Thanksgiving in November, but I'm sure I'll have something else to talk about before then.


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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to the return of edgie to pokerland! Work that roll!