Friday, December 7, 2012

Poker in Ventura

So, I am out here in Ventura doing a job, and via the internet I saw they had a casino out here, so I decided to check it out. It's called Players Casino

As I get closer to the place, I come across one of those long strips of auto dealerships that you see in most cities - an odd place for a casino, but I kept driving.  Sure enough, I come across an auto dealership with the word CASINO on it in bright letters, and boy did it look shady from the outside!  It was at night, and from the outside it looked, well, odd.  I paused on the street for a bit before I decided to walk in.

When I walked in, it was much brighter than it looked like from the outside.  People looked normal for the most part it was bright.  It had a bar and restaurant in the back, and I would say it held about 30-35 tables that were running 1/2 $100 max, 2/3 $300 max, and your various limit games and a couple O8 games.  These are pretty good limits for a CA casino, so I decided to buy in for $200 at a 2/3 table.

To summarize, I maybe was up to $260 and everntually busted out on a missed nut flush draw after about two hours.  The play here was solid.  Probably one of the better tables I have sat at in a casino.Granted, I didn't hit the deck especially hard, either - I think a pair of 10s that flopped a set was the best hand I had the whole session.  Again, it is the non-destination poker thing - I am going to go back, possibly tonight, and downgrade to the 1/2 tables and see if I can get anything going.


  1. according to this, the place got robbed by a man with a rifle at 3.40am this morning

  2. Don't casinos in CA have security people? This isn't good for business.

  3. Oh my gosh - I had just left there two hours beforehand!