Friday, January 6, 2012

PARX on Wednesday

So I returned to PARX again on Wednesday night, taking advantage of the sweet Zipcar deal ($39 from 6pm-8:30am), this time taking Lisa in tow, as she had never been. After a tasty dinner at the Noodle Bar, play began.

I have to preface this by saying...PARX simply looks NEW. Something about the color scheme, the shiny floors, reminds me of a visual version of 'new car smell.' The poker room itself, while vast, has a sort of girlish quality (purples, greens - not a very masculine aura). Basically, you wonder if this style is a hindrance to the casino or not. You often see programs on TV about how casinos are designed a certain way for certain reasons - when you see a low ceilinged room that is bright orange and people are throwing craps, something feels a little off. Anyway.

I sat down for 1-2 and immediately smelled something odd. I mean, literally. The guy next to me smelled awful. When I say awful, I'm vastly understating the sheer complexity of this odor, and it appeared that everyone knew it. I was hearing vague allusions to it bit by bit, as if a running joke had been occurring already. I tried to stomach it, looking over to Lisa's table periodically to see if there was an opening there. Finally, he got up and everyone chimed in. Nothing all that interesting happened at this table, as I chipped down to about $180 there. Lisa waved me over as there was an open seat, so I moved there.

Talk about a passive limping was rampant, and depending on who limped, a bet of $12-15 would often take it down outright. There were two solid guys to my left, both of whom has big stacks. The first big hand I got involved with was with AcQs, and I promptly dusted off about 90 bucks chasing a club flush all the way to the river. The board was so dry I felt like I could make a stab at it multiway, but two flushes made it on the turn. Reload 100.

I got back up to even by simply value betting aces and having them hold up - always nice. I then open limped 44 and flopped the set, checked around and got into a raising battle with KK, the set held up and I felted him. My big fold of the night was against the solid Asian guy. I had 7d8d. The flop came 9T_ rainbow. After three bettors.the turn...a jack. So, I have the low straight. Asian guy puts out 40, and I call. The turn is a brick, and Asian goes pot-sized bet. Now here, I'm immediately wondering what level this fellow is thinking at. On one level, that size bet certainly isn't begging for a call - he may be trying to push me off the hand. Then again, QK is the absolute nuts on this board, so if I've called him on the turn, he knows he has me. We've all been in this position before but the bet sizing had me a bit confused, so I took my time. He was moving around a little, then he turned his chair and looked away. I concluded by that gesture that he wanted a call, so I didn't give it to him. I folded and he showed QK, sure enough.

I filled out a flush with Ac6c, had a few AK meet up with pairs and that was about it, ending up about 150. I think on the way back, we made it back to the city in about 80 minutes. It's crazy how close the place is. I need to go back more often. This weekend, AC with Dawn ans her gang.